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Product Description

**Limited Edition...NEW Cosmetic same specifications as the white C2C..but with a touch of New Zealand**

The Black Knight C2C Plus NXS is an exciting frame that delivers solid power with great control thanks to the combination of advanced materials and the new Vibra Plate Technology.

Long main strings are augmented by a Power Channel head for extra punch.

The C2C also features a unique maple leaf design proudly celebrating Black Knight's Canadian roots.

The Rigidity Factor is an average specification for the stiffness of a model, and is relative to the sport. In general, RF numbers from the mid 70’s to low 80’s can be considered as flexible; RF’s from the low to high 80’s as medium stiff; and high 80’s and up, as stiff to very stiff.

Dynamic Weight (DW): Applicable only to squash racquets at this time, DW is an index derived from relating frame weight to overall balance. It is not a measure in grams.

Essentially it is a unit for how heavy a racquet will tend to feel during play. Generally, comparing one racquet to another, the higher the DW, the more weight the racquet has in the head.

Technical Specifications
  • NXS nano technology
  • Carbon 4
  • Brain Weave
  • X.M. Graphite
  • Vibra-Plate
  • Head Size: 77.5 sq in / 500 sq cm
  • Dynamic Weight: 140grams
  • String Pattern: 14x19

Strung with ASHAWAY Ultranick Red 18g


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